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A "Balanced" Approach to Learning
in Our New Age

There is no doubt that "screen time" is here to stay. Much of learning today includes a television, computer, or mobile electronic device, such as a tablet or smartphone. We know that these devices assist learning. However, we believe that, at an early age, learning to move and control the real crayon should not be replaced by learning to sweep the virtual crayon.

There are some questions we should be asking. How does the physical manipulation of objects other than a screen or button help early childhood development and nurture the growth of imagination? What is lost in the education process when the virtual is out of balance with the physical? How can self-regulation and patience be taught in a virtual world where the sweep of the hand gets immediate results?

Educators agree that adding physical movement to lessons activates more areas of the brain. Because both "screen time" and "paper time" have benefits, the virtual and real world teaching tools at this site offer a "Balanced" approach to preparing your child for real world engagement and academic success.

Balanced Site

Interactive Screen Time
Free, "Read With Your Child" stories are available in an app called
"Robots on the Moon" at Google Play and Amazon, and also online. The stories are designed specifically for co-reading (reading together). Studies show that storytime between parent/teacher and child nurtures reading and socializing skills in children.

Interactive Paper Time
Our PopDown® educational and activity cards add the attraction of play to the learning experience through a new, unique flashcard system. The PopDown® action of the Crater Moon Quiz Card and the Magic PopDown® helps make learning numbers, letters, and words a treat.  By opening the card in two phases, you can first present a question, then magically open again to see the answer. Make-your-own, free printable flashcard templates let you customize lesson plans. Activity Sheets can be folded as an insert to the PopDown®. Add a surprise insert of your own!

In addition, our PopDown® Color-Me cards let kids put their own creative signature to birthday card-giving. They help build creativity, fine motor skills, hand-eye coodination, and counting skills.

"Real World" Skill Worksheets
Many support tools are available under the Free Printables menu, including:

  • Printable flashcards for numbers, addition, subtraction, and sight word recognition
  • Worksheets and Activity Sheets
  • Make-Your-Own flashcard templates
  • Lesson plans
  • Instruction pages

Many of our tools are connected by the lovable characters Sir Albi™ and HatBand'it™, and Boom and Zoom on Crater Moon™. Albi is a magician's bunny who wants to be a great magician, but never learned to read. He is helped by HatBand'it™, the magic hat. Boom and Zoom are two robots sent to Crater Moon to plant a rainbow forest. Their home is a glass bubble greenhouse filled with tools and seedlings. You'll find their stories online and on the backs of our educational cards and color-me cards. See all their products, including free printables, below.

As your child begins to recognize the characters of Albi, HatBand'it™, Boom, and Zoom, you will be able to integrate their learning time into their play time. Storytime becomes a platform for developing social interaction and reading skills. Learning numbers and letters is done with familiar characters and with the playful PopDown® experience. Imagine Crater Moon, loaded with the day's lesson, waiting each morning for your child to discover!

Udovic Design LLC is devoted to providing fun, creative learning experiences for kids. The line of PopDown® Cards and online stories is expanding, so check back often!

Online Stories
"Read With Your Child" Stories

Crater Moon Quiz Card
Crater Moon Quiz Card
Opened with Flashcard Question

Child with Activity Sheet
Boom and Zoom Activity Sheet

Kids Coloring at a Craft Event Presented by David Udovic
Kids Coloring at a PopDown® Craft Event
Presented by David Udovic

Kids Coloring on Chairs at a Craft Event Presented by David Udovic
Kids Coloring at a PopDown® Craft Event
Presented by David Udovic

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